Unfamiliar with the Playwright’s Work?

Here’s what the critics are saying, so it must be true.


Merino’s words are the real stars of the play. His script is witty and fast-paced, so much so in fact that if you take a break to mull over one of its many salient points you’ll find in a few seconds that you missed at least three more just like it.
– Greg Benson, Washington City Paper

It’s brash and heady, and one of the brightest happenings at the Fringe.
– Nelson Pressley, The Washington Post


It’s the most fun and enjoyable hour of having your very concept of everyday life and communication knocked down and spat upon since David Ives’ “All in the Timing.”
– Bret Abelman, Washington City Paper

Sardonic and hilarious, exchanges such as these offered not only entertainment, as they were genuinely funny in their own right, but [they] incite and [comment] on many issues that we, as a nation struggling with socialization reform and economic crisis, face.
– Anna Brungardt, DC Theatre Scene

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