Actors for the Reading

On April 14, 2012, the following actors participated in reading two scenes from the play at the inaugural Raise the Titanic fundraiser held at Fort Fringe, Washington, DC.

Colleen Delany will read the part of Pursimone, a wild artistic English youth. Colleen was last seen in New Jerusalem: The Interrogation of Barach de Spinoza at Theatre J.

Misty Demory will read the part of Mrs. Wilhelmina Finch, a wealthy American society lady. Misty was last seen in The Ramayana at Constellation Theatre.

David Elvove will read the part of Col. Archibald Archie. David was last seen in Kiss Me Kate at Rockville Musical Theatre.

Darius T. Epps will read the part of Clinch Wilmont, American ex-patriot and dandy. Darius was last seen in Devil Boys from Beyond at Landless Theatre Company.

Ian LeValley will read the part of Capt. Edward J. Hazelwood. Ian was last seen in the Water Engine at Spooky Action Theatre.

Jason McCool will read the part of the Narrator. Jason was last seen in Swampoodle at Solas Nua.

Philip McLeod will read the parts of the Radio Operator and Ambrose Wyatt, an English book collector. Philip was last seen in You, Nero at Arena Stage.

Kerri Rambow will read the part of Mrs. Helen Sprat, the English guardian to Pursimone. Kerri was last seen in The Language Archive at Forum Theatre.

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