A Fundraiser to Remember

On the night the “RMS Titanic” collided with an iceberg in the North Atlantic (April 14, 1912), we celebrated with a kick-off fundraiser to commemorate the 100th anniversary. J.P. Morgan, whose company the White Star Line owned the ill-fated vessel, would have been proud that we the honored this tragic event in a monetary—and mendicant—manner.

About 50 donors attended our inaugural fundraiser to hear about our plans to raise the Cortical Titanic. On the menu for the evening were champagne, appetizers, and two scenes from the play.

Leading the program was Ole Varmer from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, who gave an entertaining and informative presentation titled “Titanic at 100.” Many thanks to the actors (Colleen Delany, Misty Demory, David Elvove, Darius Epps, Ian LeValley, Mason McCool, Philip McLeod, Kerri Rambow), who donated their time and talents for the reading.

To generate interest and funds, we are hosting a series of events. The first phase, which runs until June 30, provides funding to pay the director, 13 actors, two vocalists, and three dancers. The second phase will begin this summer to raise money to work with a composer and transcribe the synthesized soundtrack written 19 years ago. For the DC premiere, we plan to add live musicians playing cello, violin, percussion, and flute. The third and final phase will be held in the fall to raise funds for designers, technical crew, costumes, and the set. We want actors dressed in Edwardian finery juxtaposed against a sleek, modernist set.

We hope that you will visit our Fractured Atlas page again and again to see how we are progressing in meeting our monetary goals.

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